Merry Christmas!! God still performs miracles!! I got my Christmas Miralce

God surely works in mysterious ways!  This Christmas season has not been the best, I tried getting in the Christmas spirit, but work has been extremely slow and with so little funds we had very little to spend for Christmas this year.  However we planned to carry on with Christmas traditions of the past even without the presents.

The relationship with my dad is a long and mostly bad one that I could do several blogs on and still not get the whole story out but about 6 years ago he reached out to me and we have been trying to form some type of relationship since then. It is really hard now that we are both adults and live 700 miles apart.  He has a twin brother that lives somewhat close to me that he comes to see every few years.

This year he planned a surprise trip in with my little sister (she is 11). His plan was to get to my Uncles and have Chuck take me out to eat somewhere last Saturday and they would surprise me at the restaurant but it didn’t quite go as planned.  When they got in to my uncles lil’ sis got on Facebook talking about having a good time at her uncles in Louisiana. Now I tend to have a really short temper and as Chuck describes I wear my feelings on my shirtsleeve. So needless to say I was not pleased that they had snuck into town and my thought was that they would sneak right back out without a word.

My dad ended up calling and inviting us out to eat that night. I went only because I didn’t have time to come up with a story to get out of it. It did not feel right to me and because I was already upset I convinced myself that if it weren’t for my lil’ sis not being able to  keep her mouth closed and having an affinity to my horses then I would have never known they were here.


We went out to eat with my dad and his brother and had a tense dinner because I was so angry that I could not truly enjoy the time that I had with my dad.  After dinner he let me know that he would be bringing lil’ sis to my house for her to ride horses the next day.  Usually when my dad comes in my step mom comes too and we all spend at least 1 full day together at my house.  My step mom did not come this year but this is still what I was expecting.


Dad and my uncle came with my lil’ sis and dropped her off and left.  I was DEVASTATED to say the least. I thought that Sunday would be our day together and then he would have Monday and Tuesday with his brother nobody had told me any plans except that they were leaving on Christmas Eve going home.  I muddled thru Sunday as best I could and tried to enjoy having my sister with me in spite of how upset I was in what I believed my dad was doing.  They came later Sunday evening after dark to pick up lil’ sis and he arranged then for us to meet for lunch on Monday.  I was shocked but still thinking it was her influence causing this.  I agreed to go but only because I was bound and determined this was gonna work out or I was gonna take a page out of his book and tell him to get lost because emotionally I could not handle the roller coaster ride I had put myself on.

I struggled with my own inner demons all evening, night and the next morning I talked to my step mom who just has a way of calming me and putting things into perspective.  Before I went to meet daddy and lil’ sis for lunch I had a new outlook on life and his visit.  He had snuck into town to give me a Christmas present I have always wanted. Him. I have not spent a holiday with my dad since I was an infant. I have wanted to every year but things just have not worked out that way. So this year he snuck into town to surprise me and spend as much time as possible with me during the holidays while they were here.

Monday was a great day we spent the biggest part of the day together and I didn’t want to come home.

Now they usually get up in the middle of the night and leave out at like 2am because it is a 10 hour drive back home and they want to miss the traffic. However, that was not the case this year.  He let me know on Monday that they would not be leaving until close to noon on Tuesday and wanted to meet up again for breakfast on Tuesday morning before they left out for the drive home.

So I met them on Christmas Eve morning for breakfast and to see them off. It was great. And in the end I looked back to see that My daddy came into town and stayed at his brothers house who he normally spends the majority of his time with but not the case this time even though I wasn’t real receptive at first and was hurt by what I thought his actions were and not what they actually were. He spent a good bit of every day he was here with me. He really came in to spend the Holiday with me. It left me feeling a little bratty, selfish and about 2 inches tall for jumping to conclusions to start with.

My daddy being here even if just until Christmas Eve in the end was a present from God and the best present I could ever receive for Christmas.  God once again snuck in a surprise and answered a prayer that I was unprepared to receive.

Now I go into Christmas Day with Chuck’s family happy and hopeful for what the new year will bring and ready to try once again to let go of old hurts and scars and enjoy life and the company I have here in it.

God performs miracles every day and if you take the time to look and listen you will see his miracles unfold in your own life. I feel very special that  God performed a Christmas Miracle for me.  Christmas is not about the gift giving or the amount of decorations you can afford to put out. It is about celebrating the birth of Jesus with your family and being thankful for life and family. So I hope this Christmas blog finds each of you happy, healthy and surrounded by family and love in a Christ like spirit this year. Life is hard but if you have Christ and the love of a family what more do you need?


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