Controversy at it’s finest- Horse Slaughter!

This post is quite controversial and will probably get your goat.  This is my opinion as everybody has one on the subject, I know that my opinion is shared by some but not many and that is fine too.

This is a touchy subject for everyone in the horse industry.  Slaughter of horses never stopped even when they shut down the slaughter plants here in the states you could still ship your horse to South Texas and it would be snatched up by someone there buying for a Mexican slaughter house.  Now that legislation is being passed to reopen Slaughter plants here in the US, PETA, The Humane Society, and everyone else with a soft heart has jumped on the band wagon to stop them from opening.

Now don’t think I am a cold hearted B—H I am not, I am a horse owner and take in a few rescues from time to time.  I live in an area where 25 years ago you couldn’t buy a horse for less than $800 even if it was crazy, unbroke, old, mix breed and the good ones were way out of my price range into the several $1000’s now there is a free horse on every corner and starving horses everywhere you look.  You can’t give horses away hardly. Even the well broke, registered horses are going way too cheap. Horses are way over populated at this point I think we need a Bob Barker for Horses advertising daily about having your studs gelded and stop having babies for the heck of it.

About a year ago I had several in my herd that I had rescued or that their health had just declined to the point that they served no purpose except an unwanted vet bill and taking up extra space in my pasture. And after months of just trying to give them away, to no avail, I thought of sending them to slaughter only to be told that I couldn’t because, Slaughter houses are not allowed to take in horses that have any issues they want fat horses over 1000lbs and with no visible issues, they can not have wounds, scars, limp, and must have perfect vision. I had 1 that was blind as a bat, 1 that had foundered 4 times in her last year with her previous owner and had a forever limp, and 1 that had the end stages of cushings disease. 2 of those 3 are now buried in my back field after months of high vet bills and getting to the point that they both were just miserable and had no quality of life at all.  They could have went to slaughter and served some kind of purpose if it was nothing but soap and dog food.

Slaughtering a horse is no different than slaughtering a pig, cow, or chicken it needs to be done humanely but they all serve a purpose. People are against the slaughter of horses because they are a pet. How many 4-H kids raise and train pigs to show them and sell them to a buyer that sends them straight to slaughter at the end of the show. How many dogs and cats are killed in this country on a daily basis because they are mans best friend but nobody wants them, and that is just the ones that are killed in pounds and shelters.

I have seen too many horses taken away from owners just here within 100 miles of my house that the owner had entirely too many and just could not afford to feed them, but was still breeding them every year. What happened to those horses? The state took them over fattened them up and sold them to kill buyers. because an unbroke 15 year old is rarely wanted by anyone else and when it comes down to selling these repossessed horses they are just looking at making some of their money back.

Horse slaughter has always been a double edged sword and even more so now that it is being brought back to the forefront by the media. Is it necessary? Yes. Is it cruel? To some, yes. but it is needs to be for the horses that have no future not for the ones that are perfectly healthy and still have many good years left.

To those of you that are totally against the killing of animals, are you vegetarian?  If you went to the pound and asked to adopt a dog and only wanted to see the ones on the kill list for the day would you take all 30 of them home with you to save them? Probably not so why is it any different for horses. And if you did what then would you do with that pack of yelping dogs?

I understand being soft hearted, I cry every time one of my animals gets hurt or has to be put down. But it is a necessary evil some times. You can not save every animal on your own and some people just should not own pets at all of any kind. There is a humane way to go about it and that is the way that should be sought out.


And by the way the pork chops, ribeye, t-bone, bacon, hamburger, turkey burger or fried chicken you ate for supper last night once roamed around on somebodies land and was a living creature it was not made or produced at the store you bought it from!

And if you think that only healthy cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys are killed for our consumption then why is it in the news right now that the FDA is now blocking and stopping some of the ANTIBIOTICS used in meat for consumption. Why do healthy animals need to be shot up full of antibiotics prior to slaughter for consumption. Healthy animals DO NOT!

Heck if you are against horse slaughter in the states here is some food for thought: in other countries around the world Horses are slaughtered for human consumption, now, while I have no intention of eating a horse EVER. Our country is spending all this money helping 3rd world countries and there is a commercial on tv every day that what is it for $7 a week you could feed so many starving kids in 1 country or another how about we send these countries all our unwanted horses for food. I am sure they would be happy for anything to eat regardless of what it was.

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