I am Southern and Proud of it

Warning this Blog post is subject to send you running for the hills. It is a bit of a rant.

I am all about horses and people and steadily trying to help one of our local gaited clubs get the word out about our gaited breeds here in Louisiana.  I own a triple registered TWH stud and a double registered TWH mare along with 16 others that are not registered but are all gaited breeds and crosses.

That being said I am on several of the TWH facebook pages. Down here in Louisiana we don’t have a whole lot of interest in gaited horses and don’t have any shows and such, a very few travel out of state for shows, dressage training and such, the rest of us love our smooth trail riding partners that will go anywhere and do anything a QH would do but do it a lot smoother. Some of us follow the big wigs in the show ring most do not.
Those of us that breed are constantly looking for the perfect broodmare with the perfect bloodlines and WGC’s high up in their pedigree so we frequent these sites. Now the hardest thing is getting along with people that have no personality and are flat out rude all the time.  Last night I got on a site and found a lady from TN that has a coming 3 year old filly for sale. She was out of the same bloodline as my stud.  That is a rare find in TN as my stud is Marshall Dillon bred and most outside of Texas don’t have a clue who Marshall Dillon was because he was a Western Pleasure Show Ring horse from the south. So I complimented her on how stunning her filly was and that I was impressed that she knew of and had those bloodlines in TN.

With in 10 minutes I had some smart mouth telling me how I must have forgotten TN is walking horse country and Marshall Dillon was a Walking Horse like I am Stupid. I by no means am Stupid but I am Southern.

Here in the south things are done a whole lot different. We wave, honk and speak to total strangers on a daily basis because it is the nice thing to do. We love our neighbors and are happy to help when we can. If you need something and we have it and can afford to give it we do. We are not cold calloused and smart mouthed just for the heck of it. We enjoy friendships and cry at others losses even if we don’t know them personally.  We enjoy spending time with family but love our friends like our family.

I can not fathom the need of some people to be hurtful just because. It’s like it is a game to them.  We have freedom of speech in this country and for that I am proud but some people should have never been allowed to learn to speak if nothing but hurtful crap comes out of their lips.

I have met several people like the one I come in contact with last night on FB and it has caused me to leave several of the TWH sights. Especially since all of the Soring issues came to light in the show ring. The ones that are against it(and let me be perfectly clear I am totally against any form of abuse) think that their way is the only way and the ones that agree with it think the same.

Bottom line is we all have different opinions. We all do things different ways. Who says my way is better than yours or vice versa. I do things my way because it is what is easiest for me. And who are you to judge me. People pass judgement too quickly these days with no insight at all.

I travel every summer around this great country we call home and the sights are amazing. I have been to 40 of the 48 continental United States and nowhere have I found the friendly nature of people like right here in my home state of Louisiana.

We are coming up on the Christmas Season and I am extremely happy that I live in the south where 90% of the people I come in contact with are friendly and ready to help when needed. And everytime I get out of my car I hear a bell ringing and someone calling out “Merry Christmas” or leaving a check out line to someone telling me to have a “blessed day”


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