Where have I been

Well I’ve been off the grid for a few days. With the holidays and staying busy planning events here and watching the everchanging weather forecasts.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving I hope all of you did as well.

We have our first in the series of clinics coming up this coming weekend and it appears that we will have ice to build igloos out of for it on Sunday, it is going to be COLD with lows in the 20’s and highs in the 30’s here for the weekend.  I know some think that is not cold but I live in Louisiana. THAT IS COLD to me.  This bout of weather coming on an event weekend has me wanting to build a loafing shed attached to one end of my arena since the arena is not covered.

We will slow down for a couple of weeks after this clinic and then will be 90mph all over again right after Christmas with meetings, events, and trail rides.  We should have our second clinic the first weekend in January, the second weekend I have a meeting with another club (FOLGH) Friends Of the Louisiana Gaited Horse to hopefully get this club back up and functioning as a body and get some events planned for everybody.  I joined this club last year because they do a lot outside of trail riding. they like putting on shows and arena work and do some functions for charity. We will try this year to include events in North and Central Louisiana to include the entire state in our activities.  As the name suggests we would like to have something for everyone with a gaited horse to participate in and blanket the entire state with more knowledge of the gaited horse.

Many people have the misconception that the gaited horse is only for show and can not “work”. I know many people that work off of their gaited horses they can and will pen cattle, run barrels, rope, etc… their movements often are not as quick and jerky as a quarter horse but they certainly can get the job done.

On January 18th we also have another trail ride planned for OSTR in preparation for our big ride at the end of February. It will be a 15 mile circle ride with supper provided on Saturday night. Can’t wait to ride with my OSTR family again we just don’t have enough rides anymore. The economy has taken care of that for many of us we just can’t afford to travel with our horses as often as we used to.

So as you can see the month of January will be a busy one and February will be just as busy. More on February later it is too far out right now to worry with.

So with that being said it is time to go tend to ponies and finish getting ready for the weekend.

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