Shop From Home/ Income Opportunity

So I sat in on a webinar last night for a company I heard about years ago and did not have the marketing skills or self control to think of trying them.  The are an internet/mail order company from Idaho Falls, Id. The have a full variety of products from household cleaners, laundry products, health and beauty aides, some snack items, some pharmaceuticals, diet products etc… this company produces eco-friendly toxin and chemical free products. This blog will not be full of advertisements from them or for them  or my marketing. I will in the future start a whole new blog, website and Facebook page for the business.  I am skeptical of joining their team as I am not the best at marketing but the products sell themselves once you buy them. I have talked with 2 other ladies in the company that also own horses and several of their products are able to cross from human to horse use.

The way this company works for me is I join them and pay a membership fee (which is discounted for the month of November) I buy products on a points system you must buy 35 points worth of product each month which is about $70 to stay active and each person that signs up and lists me as their referral I get credit for. So for example, I tell my mom and she signs up under me then I make money from her shopping, she tells a friend and they sign up under her then I make money off of them both and mom makes money as well.

The membership fee is a turn off for a lot of people but I used to pay $34 a year to shop at Sam’s Club. I quit because it wasn’t worth the time effort or money for shopping there twice a year.  This company you can shop from the convenience of you own home. Your products are delivered right to your door in less than 1 week and you are buying products that are not full of harmful chemicals that are in all of our homes right now.  They manufacture and sell over 350 products so there is something there for everyone.

At this time of the year particularly I get frustrated easily with going to town to pick up needed items at Wal-mart, K-mart, Target etc… because shoppers get crazy during the holiday season and stores are full from open to close with shoppers.  I am not a crowd person and have severe anxiety with crowds this time of year it gets really bad so being able to shop from home for necessities like dishwasher tabs, laundry detergent, makeup, toilet cleaner, personal toiletries etc.. is quite appealing plus if I go to Wal-mart for 1 thing I’m gonna pick up 3 or 4 or more things and spend $100 before I leave it is just a given. This way I never have to leave my home.  If you would be interested in checking this company out and maybe making a small residual income yourself please comment and I will get back with you I should know more details later today.

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