Trail Ride Here Saturday

Well it looks as though Mother Nature is going to cooperate.  We will get to have our small trail ride here.  I wish the weather men would have figured this out sooner.  I have got so much to do. At least they figured it out early enough to let the meat thaw naturally instead of having to hurry the process.

The only major thing that has to be done is getting my signs out today as most everyone knows where they are going and its only gonna be a small group of us riding .  And getting fire ready for tonight.

I got potato salad done and beans will be simple the Brisket will be thawed by this evening for me to season and have ready to go in oven to slow cook in the morning before we ride out.

I will have to ride a saddle that I am not used to because mine doesn’t fit my ponies anymore and I am waiting on it to sell to get me a new one. Hope I don’t end up sore this weekend.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will sell in the next few days so I can order my new one.  I have it all picked out just waiting on funds to pay for it.  It is a gorgeous black tooled Hilason treeless saddle and a nice hot pink saddle pad specially made for that saddle I got lucky in finding this dealer thought I was gonna end up going broke buying a Circle Y or something in that price range to find a treeless saddle.

We have a friend that lives on our ride route with 2 small children. Her little girl gets super excited when we ride past and I usually stop and let her ride for a little bit. She calls us a horsey parade. I am sure in the near future she will be getting riding lessons at our place as she is such an animal lover and I have known her mom our entire lives.

Love seeing the kids faces light up over something we enjoy and take so much for granted.  I remember being a little kid like that and wanting a pony so bad.

Well I better stop now I started this to talk about our trail ride this weekend and went off the deep end rambling.  More to come later.

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