Feeding Star Tonight

I have previously made a post about my 21 year old mare Star, but i had to tell this.  She is the only one of my 17 ponies stalled right now and she is being fed twice daily.

This afternoon my son collected feed pans and buckets for our evening feeding regimen.  When he collected Star’s pan he shut the stall door but did not latch it.  Star has the bad habit of pawing at the stall gate while I am adding water to her pellets as to say “come on just give me the food already”.  Tonight was no different.

The front of her stall connects to the pasture where 3 of our young horses are kept. She has a small turn out of her own and is not allowed in with the babies as they cause too much chaos. Tonight I went about my normal routine our 3y/o stays loose our 19 mo filly is in the round pen and our 8 mo filly is in second stall at feed time to make sure each gets their appropriate feed in an appropriate amount.  Because of behaviors we feed the 3 y/o and Star first and then the other 2 girls.

As I am adding water to her pellets she begins her pawing ritual, but it ended sooner than usual with out me yelling to her to stop tearing up the gate. When I turned to see why, she was standing inside the stall with the gate swung wide open looking at me with her head cocked sideways and a confused look in her eyes. She wasn’t sure what to think of the gate opening it has never done that before while she was pawing. So I finished up adding her water and mixing her pellets and delivered them as usual. She never made one step outside of the stall while I completed the task only looked at me questioning until I delivered her food and shut her safely back in her stall.

I can’t wait to see what her reaction is in the morning when the stall door does not pop open to her pawing. Will this incident make the behavior better or worse? Only time will tell.

It is going to be cold here tonight. Lows in the 20’s since she is still not back to 100% she was happy to also get her blanket tonight. In the morning I may heat water to add to her feed and make it a warm mush.  She is getting so spoiled but hey she is a retired pasture ornament now and just a pet. So I am just fine with spoiling her as much as I can in whatever time we have left together.  Love this pony, she is truly a part of me and will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my days. Good night everyone. Hope you enjoyed my short story, it’s silly, but I had to share. Just blessed to spend another day with my ponies.

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