Trail Ride

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After taking a few days off from blogging to enjoy camping and trail riding with friends here are a few pictures.  We had a blast.  We arrived on Friday night to a campfire, homemade chilli and a few of our regulars pickin and grinnin.  It was supposed to be beautiful weather for this ride and not a chance of rain at all. Boy can weather men lie.  We rode out Saturday morning in cloudy conditions and less than an hour in it started raining.  It rained on us until about 1:00 and then we were almost dry when we rode back into camp.  Since Chico has lost over 2 pounds on his diet he was happy to be able to ride and his arthritis was not bothering him nearly as bad afterwards.  My cousins little boy went with us and we put him on “Old Faithful” Thunder since he is a beginner (only been on a horse twice). He had a blast and can’t wait for the next ride. We done what was supposed to be a 14.5 mile loop that we have done 3 years in a row prior to this one however the people who sponsor this ride decided to let their daughter lead this year and she missed a turn so our 14.5 mile ride turned into 17 miles, lol.  We still had a great time. We raised over $2000 for our club and had a total of 67 riders.  We rode back into camp around 4:15, instead of 3:30 like we should have, to have our auction and a hot supper of BBQ Brisket, baked beans, and potato salad with many many desserts provided by the ladies of the ride. We had banana pudding, brownies, buttermilk pies just to name a few of my favorites. Then we sat around the campfire visiting for a bit before turning in for the night.  I love to trail ride but it seems to sap the energy right out of me at the first of the season and takes a bit to recover.  We got home around noon on Sunday and it was a fairly lazy day after getting horses unloaded and the trailer unpacked.  I was looking forward to our ride from our farm this coming up weekend but it looks like mother nature may have other plans.  If we ride I will post pictures and updates.  Below is a video I posted of a friend at the ride being a little inebriated and trying to do tricks on her horse. Unfortunately I missed the really funny one.


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