Trail Riding next weekend!

Woohoo trail riding season is finally upon us.  I can’t wait to saddle up this weekend for a lovely 15 mile circle ride on the back roads of deep East Texas with friends.  Got a new horse joining our crew. My son will be riding a gaited quarter horse. This horse is gaited at the walk and can walk about 3.5 miles an hour but can not actually gait. We will be working on that in the clinics but this will be his first ride with more that 4-6 other horses so lets hope he does not get too excited with others.  We also have a new rider joining our bunch for this ride. I spent the weekend last weekend doing riding lessons with my cousin and her 11 and 14 year old sons, her 14 y/o will be riding our lesson horse this weekend and will begin full course riding and care lessons on Monday. This will be fun as our club members are getting up in age and in order for this club to carry on we have to have new and younger members. I absolutely love bringing in the younger generation and teaching them about riding and the club.  I am lucky in that I have the perfect horse for introducing a new rider to trail riding on. Will make a post on my lovely lesson horse in My Ponies.

This ride is sponsored every year by Greg and Sherry McDaniel and is the first ride of the season each year on the 2nd weekend of November. We will spend the weekend on their farm and enjoy riding, Saturday supper, Auction, and great company around the camp fire.

I know many that may see this will wonder about our riding seasons.  You see we live in Louisiana and South East Texas for the most part. We don’t get snow here. We you endurance ride as we do in 15+ miles per ride all to leg up to take 2 horses on the 216 mile trek from Logansport,Louisiana to Houston,Texas in which we ride the entire 216 miles on horse they have to be in shape each horse for up to 20-25 miles per day per horse.  We ride during the cooler part of the year because it is easier on the horses. Now some of us still ride during summer but it is extremely short distances and times. usually from June to August is pretty much off limits for actual trail rides unless you are brave enough to do a night ride. lol I am not.  Stay tuned for pictures and updates on this weekends trail ride on Monday.


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