little bit about me and the farm

Hello everyone let me tell you a little bit about myself and the farm I have here in North Louisiana.  My name is Angela Fine and I am 36 years old. I was born and raised right here on the very land I am living on and working now.  My grandfather bought me my first hooved ride when I was 3. (actually he bought it for him and I took it away from him)  It was a 3 y/0 donkey.  I still had him up until I was 17. at 12 I got my first horse he was a quarter horse cross that I loved dearly.  My ex-husband then bought me a Quarter horse cross mare that was 21 mos old and we broke/trained her. I still own her today and she is now 21 years old and retired. I have always dreamed of having a working horse farm, for breeding, training, and boarding.  When my ex and I separated over 5 years ago I moved back home to my grandparents 87 acre farm which grandpa had used as a cattle ranch up until he sold out his cows about 3 years prior to my move back. So I started preparing the place for horses as I knew I at least would get my mare out of the divorce settlement. She was and still is like a family member to me. She could tell you I have shed more than a bucket full of tears in her mane over one tragedy or another. I met my current fiance’ who was into gaited horses and so my love for gaited breeds began.  In 5 short years we have turned my lifelong dreams into a reality. We are not a big operation by any means. We currently have 16 horses and 1 gaited molly mule.  We have a small hay barn, 2 stalls, a working 50ft diameter permanent round pen and a 140×90 ft permanent arena. we offer boarding, and breeding, and are hosting multiple clinics here on horse training for gaited breeds. we have 2 babies on the ground right now from our triple registered stud, and at least 2 more due late next spring. Our Stud is Marshall Dillon and Ebony’s Masterpiece blood line and our one papered mare is Pusher/Generator bred with Ebony’s Masterpiece on her Pedigree as well.  I love nothing more than to wake up to a horse whinnying in the mornings and the sound of hoof beats echoing. Will post more details on boarding and breeding in a later post, but if you want more now please comment as I will answer any questions gladly.

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