Boarding information!!!

We offer a wide variety of boarding options for all mares, geldings, and foals on our 87 acre farm. We do not take Studs as we have 1 and have no room for a second stud. Most of the time we keep our mares and geldings separated. There are times when they are all together for short periods due to work in one of the pastures, or trail rides, clinics etc…  My prices range from $100/month up depending on what level of care you want and what services you want. We have a vet and farrier on call 24/7 as well as offer equine dentistry on site.  We can pasture board where your horse is loose in pasture and grass fed only during spring and summer or your horse can be pastured with others that are fed year round it just depends on the owners wishes. your horse can be loose or stalled 12-16 hours a day. you can pretty much name your care you want for your horse. Boarding can range any where from $100 to $500 a month per horse depending on what you want.  we offer foal watch and imprinting after birth, special needs horses or horses with injuries or wounds are welcome as long as not a contagious disease process. We require coggins annually and annual vaccinations. We worm every other month on a rotation with 4 different wormers.  All horses either have access to ponds or fresh water tanks. during winter we free range round rolls of mixed grass hay plus feed daily. Some are fed twice daily depending on their nutritional needs. We keep mineral licks and sulfur licks in pastures year round. Some of you may ask “Why sulfur?” Sulfur stinks literally but it also helps keep flies off of the horses during summer. It is much less costly than spray and drops and such. Not to say that we don’t spray our horses before riding during spring and summer but for loose in pasture the licks are more time and cost efficient.  At this time I have room for 3 mares and 6 geldings open pasture and have 1 stall board available for mare or gelding also have room for 1-2 weanlings if needed.

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