Hello everyone this is my first Blog about our clinics.  Let me give you the basics. We will be hosting a gaited horse clinic series that will be taught, instructed, or facilitated by Mr. Rick Sermons.  Rick is very knowledgable where the gaited horse is concerned he will take us from proper ground work that each gaited horse needs to being able to get that easy chair gaited ride that we all strive for on our trusted gaited steeds.  I am very excited that in just over 24 hours after announcing this clinic on Facebook we only have 1 possible slot open for participation in this series which will begin here on December 7, 2013.  We do however have unlimited room for auditors at $20 per person per session.  Each session will be held on a Saturday and occasionally a Saturday and Sunday approximately every 4 weeks. If demand is great we will see about beginning a second series once this one is near complete.

Each session weekend we will offer primitive camping, instruction, training facilities, meals, drinks, horseback riding for a fee to all participants and auditors on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

We are very excited to offer a series of this nature as gaited clinicians are hard to come by especially in Louisiana and for the price it is an extraordinary value.

Keep a watch out for updates on clinic happenings here and by all means follow us here on wordpress or via email just enter your email address and click follow and follow the instructions in the email that will be sent to you.

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  1. Sharla Harris says:

    On the TW clinic LouAnn Miller would like to go! She will not be consecutive
    Is that a problem? Thanks Sharla

    • Sharla that is fine. Life happens from time to time. If she missed 1 it’s no biggy she can catch back up at the next one. The one in Dec will be the hardest one to miss and play catch up on. If she is on FB have her request an add to the group. If not have her contact me another way to make final arrangement.

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